The ongoing climate change is one of the major challenges today’s society is facing. Commerce, people, politicians, and experts need to combine forces in tackling climate change and using resources in the best possible way.

Scandir Group is committed to economically efficient and ecologically effective solutions which will help our community, country, and the world maintain a healthy environment for now and future generations.

Our approach to sustainability starts with running a safe, efficient, responsible, and profitable business.

Scandir Groups’ Research & Material Development team also contributes to the environment by leading governmental and private projects on renewable material development and high-tech waste treatment. The team also enjoys worldwide renown for its innovative solutions on effective recycling of different materials into ethanol, biogas, and animal feed.

We contribute to a sustainable environment by:

  • Continually improving efficiency of all products
  • Initiating developments that lead to energy savings
  • Preventing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Disposing all waste generated by our operations appropriately and conscientiously.