About Scandir


Scandir is a Scandinavian Distribution and Research Group and the home to a number of successful trademarks and brands.

Scandir Group invests in developing distribution infrastructures, and providing local distribution and sales operations. We believe distribution is an art. Together with some of world’s leading manufacturers, we have designed sales and distribution platforms to provide an effective bridge between countries, manufacturers, and end-users. Our goal is to allow manufacturers to focus on what they do best: the manufacturing process.

Through our Research and Development Center, we develop our own products and brands, continually working to improve and accommodate our customer demands and ensuring quality control for all brands and products.

Scandir’s success is based on the expertise of its people, their ability to identify new distribution strategies, consumer and market needs at an early stage, and the enthusiasm to work together with partners and suppliers to develop creative, efficient solutions. The businesses driving our corporate commitment to sustainable growth are organized in three industries; Chemicals, Natural Resources, and Research and Material Development.

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