Become an agent

Become an agent

Being part of Scandir has many benefits. In addition to our quality, innovation, and competitiveness, it is our advanced distribution system, which leads us to sustainable growth.

Distribution System

An advanced distribution platform allows our agents to become even better in their local distribution

At Scandir, we see distribution as an art. What makes our distribution platform unique is our ability to manage the entire chain of our operations. And starting from the initial step – product development – to reaching its final destination – the market -we see our agents as the bridge connecting us and every local market. We strive to do our best to ensure our distribution partners receive what they can trust and believe in, Scandir products.


Scandinavian quality is a key philosophy in Scandir

Our reputation is something we value highly; therefore it is extremely important that we have full control over what we bring to the market. We design and control every single detail before releasing products from our facilities. We maintain a strict quality policy, which is followed by all our suppliers. In addition to quality and durability, Scandir’s corporate strategy places great value on industrial packaging, product and transportation safety, product performance, efficiency, and our environment.


Staying ahead of the marketplace in material and effectiveness creates a uniqueness that makes us a leader in the field of sustainable growth

Based on our main corporate strategy, Scandir is a strong believer in continuous research and material development. The unique combination of research and distribution in one company offers us and our partners endless opportunities, all focused on sustainable growth. Learn more about our Research & Material Development here.


Our corporate business platform brings efficiency to an entire new level, creating opportunities for a competitive milieux.

A key factor in a sustainable distribution chain is having advanced corporate platforms which allow effective management of business chains, which in turn leads to competitive pricing. Creating competitive prices for high-quality products requires competence and investments. Thanks to solid partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, we can provide a powerful team to supply our local distributors and agents with competitive prices and necessary support. Learn more about Scandir Group’s business concepts.

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